research consultation

research design

proposal writing

statistical analysis

publication follow up

Journal Selection and Article Submission

All stages of designing proposals, performing the study, analysis, and writing the article are not complete without selecting the right journal and following the...

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Scientific and English Editing

One of the main problems researchers face, especially in countries where English is the second language, is writing an article in the correct medical language....

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Writing Medical Articles

One of the problems of most researchers, especially the beginners, is lack of knowledge regarding the role of different sections of a standard article. Texts that...

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Journal Management

One of the problems of medical journals is the lack of a systematically trained work force to meet the needs of the journal. The process of receiving articles, primary screening, selecting reviewers, and...

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online submission system


publication ,distribution
process follow up

proof reading

journal indexing

Copy Editing

After the acceptance of articles in the editorial board, the editing and preparation of articles begins for publication. Sometimes articles are edited and sent to authors several times to correct...

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Quality Enhancement

The quality of medical journals influences the better presentation of journals and ultimately affects the indexing process. Various factors can enhance or decrease the quality of a journal.  Adib...

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