For Journals

Installation of online journal management software and support services are other supports we provide for journals.

One of the problems of medical journals is the lack of a systematically trained work force to meet the needs of the journal. The process of receiving articles, primary screening, selecting reviewers, and receiving new versions from authors based on the reviewers' comments needs excess energy and accuracy, and usually delays the publication process. Our skilled team can internally manage all journal office routines from the beginning of receiving an article to its presentation to the editorial board, professionally and in a goal oriented way.

After the acceptance of articles in the editorial board, the editing and preparation of articles begins for publication. Sometimes articles are edited and sent to authors several times to correct any ambiguity. Our team is able to overtake all the mentioned stages professionally, and prepare articles for layout.

After scientific and literal editing of articles, the layout of articles will begin based the common format of standard journals. In this stage the correct insertion of content and following necessary layout standards are essential principles in this regard. Adib Vira will guide journals through all these stages.

After editing and layout, the next stage is the publication of the journal and its distribution among national and international subscribers. The publication quality and fast distribution are the main factors for attracting the audience. We also assist and advise journals in this stage.

The quality of medical journals influences the better presentation of journals and ultimately affects the indexing process. Various factors can enhance or decrease the quality of a journal.  Adib Vira is ready to advise journals on how to improve and enhance their quality.

After editing articles, proof reading is an essential stage in the better publication of articles. Our team will proof read the articles for a final time in order to ensure accuracy, after the authors have proofread their articles.

Indexing of a journal has a vital role in increasing its visibility. Preparing a journal for different stages of indexing needs thorough knowledge and suitable experience. Adib Vira offers consultation in the better and faster indexing of your journal.