Writing Medical Articles

One of the problems of most researchers, especially the beginners, is lack of knowledge regarding the role of different sections of a standard article. Texts that should be written in the Introduction are often repeated in other sections. Some parts related to Method or Results sections might be written interchangeably, which confuse the readers and reviewers. Some paragraphs related to the Introduction are misplaced in the Discussion. All these mistakes along with other writing problems lead to lack of fluency and incoherence of an article. And although the scientific content of such articles are valuable, they are ultimately rejected because the international audience cannot comprehend them.
Adib Vira has a team of professionals who have been trained academically and have sufficient experience in academic and scientific writing to work beside you and guide you through different stages of writing your article. Your consistent interaction with our team will increase your writing ability and the chance of acceptance of your future manuscripts. Our assistance will prevent any ethical misconduct in the field of medical publising.